In The Case of Busch vs. Childress- Why Have an Opinion?

June 5, 2011 2 Comments

There is one thing about NASCAR, there’s plenty of the love/hate relationship going around. It is really evident during the pre-race driver introductions ceremony, as soon as the PA announcer calls out for Kyle Busch, Juan Pablo Montoya or any other driver who is not the majority’s favorite, you hear a roaring, clashing of consistent boo’s.

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I’m not here to say it’s not okay to dislike another driver, because quite frankly, that has been a part of our sport from the beginning, what I am here to say is, maybe we shouldn’t cast judgment of what had happened between Childress and Kyle until all the facts are out.

Kyle Busch is widely unpopular for many reasons, some may say his attitude, some may say his behavior, and some may even say he wins too much in all three NASCAR series, but I think most would agree he has a talent like none other. If one has the ability to drive like he can and someone gave you the slightest bump from the behind, do you think it would bother you? I’m not saying every action on and off the track is justifiable, but some actions are.

In the case of Richard Childress, don’t be so quick to judge either. Kyle Busch has had 3 off the track incidents in less than a month and 2 of those have to do with RCR. The first incident was the Busch fiasco with RCR driver Kevin Harvick, and then another incident yesterday with RCR truck series driver Joey Coulter that led to Richard’s “meeting” with Kyle.

The reports are Richard removed his jewelry, put Kyle in a headlock, and then proceeded to punch him several times dropping Kyle Busch to the ground. As in most cases, something tells me there is more to the story.

As stated before, it is okay to have your favorite/most hated NASCAR driver, that is the beauty of this sport, but when it involves such a big story like the Childress/Busch fight, be careful not to cast any judgments before all the facts are out. I have a feeling most are going to side with Childress on this story, not because of Richard’s actions, but because of their strong distaste for Kyle.

We will keep you up to date with quotes and information about this incident.

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2 Comments to “In The Case of Busch vs. Childress- Why Have an Opinion?”
  1. DJ Blythe says:

    Fair enough, but from a purely historical point of view, I can’t remember Richard removing his watch & ring since his days driving the ol blue & red Plymouth, maybe it was a Chrysler, but it was long, long ago. Then on the other hand there is Mr. Bush… or as I usually refer to him as ‘Own Worst Enemy Number One’.

  2. KSParsons says:

    I am quite sure there would never be such as occasion with Mr. Rick Hendrick, nor Mr Joe Gibbs.

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