Is It a Mistake By Moving Nationwide Race To Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

July 6, 2011 1 Comment

Courtesy of the AP

The reports have been circulating now for many weeks, and on Wednesday it will be made official: Indianapolis Motor Speedway is getting a NASCAR Nationwide Series race next year.

Not being able to race at Lucas Oil Raceway will feel quite different, something that has many NASCAR fans questioning if this was really a great move.

This has been a very “touchy” subject for quite sometime, because of the loyalty NASCAR fans seem to have for LOR. But why not create a new sense of loyalty to one of the most treasured tracks in all of motorsports, Indianapolis Motor Speedway? Granted, having the Nationwide series at IMS will water down the historic aspect of the track, but at the same time, it will give fans a sense of something new.

When NASCAR started racing at Indianapolis, it didn’t take long before the Brickyard 400 became one of the premier races of the year. Most NASCAR fans that reside within the Midwest will have a different perspective, than those who may reside in the Southeast.

While the Brickyard is one of the top venues on the NASCAR circuit, because it drips with dignity and prestige, it’s not a great track for stock car racing. Stock cars are too heavy to carry themselves around this 2.5mile track, something the IRL has no problem with.

In that respect, the Nationwide Series’ presence will cause the Brickyard 400 to lose a bit of its luster, something that has even me concerned. There is still so much speculation about what will and won’t happen starting in 2012, the safest bet might be to just sit back and observe.

This just seems to be one of those decisions that’s more about money and less about the best interests of the fans. If NASCAR were to conduct a scientific poll, do you feel that the majority would be for or against this decision?

We will have to see if this will be a permanent move, or just a temporary. If NASCAR fans have their way, it might not last long at after all!

One Comments to “Is It a Mistake By Moving Nationwide Race To Indianapolis Motor Speedway?”
  1. Gerald McCarty says:

    My first thoughts about this move, its SUCKS! Racing on the short track at Lucas Oil Raceway, the best there is to offer the fans of the sport. All action, no drama of just being at IMS. That’s all it is at IMS is drama. Went there for every race since they came to Indy, never go back due to the lack of action, excitement. I will never pay them my money to see that race. To bad for Raceway Park, hope they get something else soon for the true race fan. Sorry for their loss, I hate it. Lucas Oil Raceway thanks for the memories. Your the best. NOT IMS!!!!

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