Live Blog: Atlanta Motor Speedway AdvoCare 500 Updates

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Jimmie Johnson is your current points leader, as we head to Richmond International Raceway this weekend!

11-20: Vickers, Biffle, Burton, Truex Jr, Montoya, McMurray, Martin, Menard, Earnhardt Jr, Newman

Unofficial Results: JGordon, Johnson, Stewart, KuBusch, Edwards, Keselowski, Harvick, Hamlin, Kenseth, Allmendinger

Also, stay with, as we will have a full recap posted shortly!

Thanks everyone for following along today, we will post the unofficial results, as well as the point standings in just a bit!


White Flag: Gordon still P1

2 Laps to go: Johnson on the inside of Gordon!

4 Laps to go: Gordon and Johnson are both really loose.. battling for the lead

6 Laps to go: Johnson and JGordon are side by side for the lead!

9 Laps to go: JGordon approaches lap traffic, this should help the 48

10 Laps to go: Johnson has caught up to the 24 car

13 Laps to go: ** JUNIOR UPDATE** Currently P19

15 Laps to go: Top 10: Gordon Johnson Ku. Busch Edwards Keselowski Hamlin Harvick Stewart Kenseth Vickers

18 Laps to go: Gordon Johnson KuBusch Edwards Keselowski Hamlin Harvick Stewart Kenseth Vickers

24 Laps to go: Edwards gets by Keselowski for P4

25 Laps to go: Gordon still leads Johnson by 1.3sec

30 Laps to go: Top-5: JGordon, Johnson, Kurt Busch, Keselowski, and Edwards

35 Laps to go: Gordon Johnson KuBusch Keselowski Edwards Hamlin Harvick Kenseth Stewart Vickers

39 Laps to go: Johnson is just a car length behind leader, JGordon as the field cycles through

42 Laps to go: Leaders pit.. 48 decides to pit before the 24, everyone else follows (4-tires and fuel)

44 Laps to go- JGordon reporting a possible loose wheel, he’s currently P1

48 Laps to go: New Leader- JGordon

55 Laps to go: Kenseth now fighting for P6, says he is way too tight…

59 Laps to go: JGordon gets by Edwards, now Hendrick Motorsports runs 1&2 (Johnson is currently P1)… Kurt Busch gets by Kenseth for P4

64 Laps to go: JGordon gets by Kenseth for P3 (24 just ran the fastest lap)

66 Laps to go: Current Top-5: 48, 99, 17, 24, and 56

71 Laps to go: Restart

72 Laps to go: It’s official, Ragan is done for the day

There is some radio chatter of oil being on the track from Ragan’s engine…

75 Laps to go: CAUTION- 78 hits the wall

75 Laps to go: Ragan seems to have engine issues (heads down pit road)

77 Laps to go: New Leader: Jimmie Johnson

78 Laps to go: Restart

Bowyer gave a sarcastic clap and a thumbs up to Montoya as they completed their pace laps…

81 Laps to go- From Branden (@BWilliamsNASCAR): “Bowyer slid up the track off turn 2, directly in front of Montoya. Two drivers going for the same real estate”

81 Laps to go- Race off pit road: 56, 99, 48, 24, 17, 2, 29, 11, 6, and 1

82 Laps to go- Leaders pit

**UPDATE** NASCAR is saying that Kenseth is the race leader, followed by Johnson and Edwards…

83 Laps to go- CAUTION- Clint Bowyer into the wall (possible cut tire).. Pretty much ruins his chances of making the Chase

88 Laps to go- Kenseth, Johnson, and Edwards (Top-3), but JGordon is coming fast

92 Laps to go- Kenseth leads, Johnson is P2

95 Laps to go- RESTART

96 Laps to go- Sprint Summer Showdown Drivers Update: Menard (P14), Ambrose (P28), KyBusch (P27), and Keselowski (P8)

98 Laps to go- Top 14 cars stayed out, the 56 was the first to pit

99 Laps to go- Pit road is open

105 Laps to go- CAUTION- Rain

105 Laps to go- Kenseth: “THEY NEED TO THROW THE CAUTION.. I almost wrecked!” – Pure panic (Mist is really bad)

106 Laps to go- Kenseth leads, with Edwards P2

107 Laps to go- Restart

108 Laps to go- One to go at the line

We were under the red for 24 minutes, but now the Caution flag is out.. Next up, the Green

Engines are fired and we’re ready to go racing, again!

115 Laps to go- The Pace Car driver gave the confirmation “The track is ready…”

**UPDATE** Drivers are being called back to their cars.. We’ll be going racing shortly

115 Laps to go- RED FLAG IS OUT– Cars heading down pit road

117 Laps to go- Still under caution for rain.. Coming down hard in some areas, then in others it’s clear as day.. strange!

120 Laps to go- Yeley Cassill Kenseth Edwards Harvick Johnson Bowyer Hamlin Keselowski Gordon Rgan McMurray KuBusch Montoya Truex Menard Stewart.

122 Laps to go- Race off pit road: 17, 99, 29, 48, 33, 11, 2, 24, 6, and 1

124 Laps to go- CAUTION- Raining pretty hard in some areas of the track

130 Laps to go- Top-10:  Kenseth, Edwards, JGordon, Harvick, Bowyer, Ragan, Keselowski, Johnson, Truex Jr, Hamlin

132 Laps to go- Top-10: Kenseth, Edwards, Harvick, JGordon, Bowyer, Ragan, Truex Jr, Keselowski, Hamlin, Johnson

136 Laps to go-  Top-5: Edwards, Kenseth , Harvick, JGordon , Hamlin

138 Laps to go- Fellow Roushkateers are 1 and 2 (Kenseth-P1 and Edwards-P2)

140 Laps to go- Restart (Kenseth to the lead)

142 Laps to go- One to go, before we go back to green

143 Laps to go- For those wondering, JGordon is still P1, while Kenseth is P2

144 Laps to go- Jet Dryers are on the track

145 Laps to go- NASCAR tells drivers to ‘space’ out their cars while doing the pace laps… Attempting to add heat to the track

146 Laps to go- NASCAR has given the word to get the Jet Dryers ready, just in case …

147 Laps to go- Rain is really coming down.. Watching the camera from the 18 car- Can hardly see the track

149 Laps to go- CAUTION- David Gilliland stranded on the edge of pit road… Wouldn’t be surprised if the rain also didn’t entice NASCAR to bring out the caution ….

150 Lap to go- Rain is picking up- JGordon: ” It’s raining really hard right now.”

154 Laps to go- Green flag stops are underway!

155 Laps to go- KyBusch is currently P12, after describing his car as ‘junk’

Lap 164- We have also reached halfway, folks! This means this race is ‘official’

Lap 164- KyBusch complaining of heat building up in the cockpit

Lap 160- Current Top-5: 24, 17, 11, 99, and 29

Lap 158- Tony Stewart has returned to the top-10

Lap 149- KyBusch: “How many weeks in a row do I have to say, ‘I don’t give a sh^t about what’s behind me.’”

Lap 139- Kahne has taken his machine behind the wall to the garage.. Possible radiator issue

Lap 139- Tony Stewart has gone from P11 to P6 in just 2 laps

Lap 136- A great save by Kevin Harvick after a wild restart (Started when KyBusch spun his tires)

Lap 135- Restart

Lap 131- Race off pit road: 17, 18, 11, 24, 29, 43, 6, 33, 99, and 22

Lap 130- Dale Earnhardt Jr. will earn the free pass.. Will be back on the lead lap— Pit road is now open

Lap 129- CAUTION- Debris on the track (light rain beginning to fall)

Lap 124- Kenseth takes over P2 from KyBusch; Matt has been running the fastest laps over the last few laps

Lap 120- Current Top-10: 24, 18, 17, 29, 11, 43, 22, 6, 33, and 2

Lap 112- Sprint Summer Showdown Drivers Update: Ambrose (P16), KyBusch (P2), Keselowski (P8), and Paul Menard (P20)

Lap 105- Current Top-5: 24, 18, 17, 29, and 43

Lap 103- Don’t look now, but Matt Kenseth is up to P3 after some great pit work

Lap 102- Bobby Labonte has been treated and released from the infield care center

Lap 99- Restart

Lap 97- There was some minor contact between Kenseth and Harvick on pit road, but nothing major

Lap 96- Race off pit road: 24, 18, 17, 11, 29, 43, 22, 2, 33, and 6

Lap 94- Heavy damage to Labonte’s car– Takes a ride in the back of the ambulance to get checked out

Lap 94- CAUTION- Bobby Labonte spins once again, this time on the backstretch

Lap 93- JGordon continues to lead KyBusch by 2.70sec

Lap 80- Current Top-15: 24, 18, 29, 17, 11, 43, 22, 14, 33, 2, 56, 16, 99, 9, and 6

Lap 79- Denny Hamlin had some trouble on pit road- Had to backup to avoid the No. 32

Lap 78- Green flag stops are underway

Lap 73- Those third-through-fifth spots continue to shuffle, with Denny Hamlin now showing third, Tony Stewart fourth and Kevin Harvick fifth.

Lap 71- Carl Edwards Update- Currently P12

Lap 70- Current Top-5: 24, 18, 14, 29, and 11

Lap 69- Dale Earnhardt Jr. Update- Currently P28

Lap 64- Really impressed with Tony Stewart (Currently P3)… He really needs a good finish

Lap 60- Current Top-5: 24, 18, 29, 14, and 11

Lap 50- Current Top-5: 24, 18, 33, 29, and 14

Lap 46- New Leader: Jeff Gordon

Lap 40- L40/325- Current Top-5: 18 (+.510sec), 24, 33, 2, and 83

Lap 36- Restart (Robby Gordon gets the Lucky Dog)

Lap 31- Race off pit road: 18, 95, 11, 24, 29, 33, 43, 2, 14, and 83

Lap 30- Competition Caution- Expect drivers to make fuel stops as well as 4-tire stops…

Lap 25- New Leader: Denny Hamlin

Lap 20- Current Top-5: 33, 83, 11, 4, and 14

Lap 17- Restart (Cars going nearly 4-wide)

Lap 14- Race off pit road: 22, 39, 18, 24, 99, 56, 2, 43, 17, and 6

Lap 12- CAUTION- Bobby Labonte spins through the grass on the frontstretch

Lap 10- Current Top 10: 4, 18, 33, 83, 24, 4, 17, 22, 9, and 99

Lap 5- Dave Blaney (No. 60) has parked his car

11:11am- GREEN FLAG IS OUT!!!

11:07am- Cars are rolling off pit road…

11:02am- Engines are FIRED at Atlanta Motor Speedway!

11:00am- Teams won’t be able to fuel their cars until the competition caution on Lap 30

10:56am- The invocation and National anthem have already been preformed.. the command to start engines will take place within the next 5 minutes

10:52am- The pre-race ceremonies have begun.. Still expecting to go green about 11:10am

10:50am- 4 cars to the rear: 16 (engine); 36 (driver change – Skinner), 60 (driver change- Blaney), 95 – Starr (missing intros Sunday)

10:49am- Per Bob Pockrass (@bobpockrass): “Dave Blaney developed kidney stones last night, so Mike Skinner will substitute.”

10:47am- There has been a change; The competition caution will be on Lap 30, not Lap 35…

10:36am- This will be the first “Tuesday” race since 2007 (MIS- Rain, who knew?)

10:21am- NASCAR just gave the order for teams to move their cars to pit road

10:20am- Feel free to comment below, I’ll try to respond there as well… I’ve got Facebook, Tweetdeck, Blog, and my Email all running at the same time.. It’s almost impossible to not hear from me! :D

10:10am- We hope to be going green in less than an hour! I’m going with Kyle Busch, while Branden is going with Brad Keselowski

9:54am -There will be a competition caution on Lap 35

9:52am -Good morning, race fans! We will be debuting our first “Live Blog”… Be sure to follow us on Twitter (Branden- @BWilliamsNASCAR; Nathan- @NButler_NASCAR) .. I’ll list the times until the race starts, then I will add the lap numbers.. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the race!

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