NCWTS: Trucks have a chance to take center stage at “The Rock”

April 14, 2012 No Comments

Credit: Getty Images for NASCAR

It’s not too often that NASCAR’s third series gets the honor of the Sunday afternoon spotlight. But, this weekend at Rockingham provides them with that unique opportunity.

While the Sprint Cup boys are in Texas at a new, tricked-out race track, the Truck Series is at the classic and vintage Rockingham Speedway for the first time in their history.

Each weekend, fans flock to the stars of the Sprint Cup Series and their traveling circus, and rightfully so. Fans want to see the stars of the sport on the biggest stage of the weekend. But, if you haven’t noticed the buzz in the air about the Truck Series at “The Rock”, you might as well be sleeping under the rock that sits outside of Rockingham Speedway.

NASCAR hasn’t held a race at “The Rock” since 2004. A race that left us with a great memory with Matt Kenseth and Kasey Kahne racing side-by-side to the checkered flag after 400 miles of racing.

And now with the trucks ready to make their mark on the speedway’s legendary history, fans are seemingly more enthusiastic about this race rather than Cup race at Texas.

A series often regarded as some of the best racing in all of NASCAR, the trucks now will have that opportunity to fill our minds with images of racing’s past while racing door-to-door on “The Rock’s” abrasive surface.

Ever since the rumor struck about NASCAR’s possible return to “The Rock” last season, the buzz among fans was like a little kid hearing about his birthday present before he even opened it. It was like a long lost child coming back home to them. “The Rock” made them see that small glimpse of NASCAR’s past come roaring back for just an instant.

And speaking of the fans, they’re expected to be out in full force Sunday at “The Rock”. The tracks’s website has a notice saying that all tickets on the front stretch and most of turn four have been sold out. Campaigns on Twitter saying, “Fill the Rock” have been popping up since the race date was announced late last season.

Now, I may be crazy, but this could be one of the largest crowds to watch a truck race that I can remember.

While Sunday’s race is without a question one of the Truck Series’ marquee races of the 2012 season, this could be a date on the schedule that can’t go away.

With the series struggling to get the all important dollars flowing into the teams, the fans in the stands and the hype that surrounds this return to “The Rock” is something that could both save the Truck Series and “The Rock” at the same time.

The spotlight shines bright this weekend, and rightfully so. However, this race could either be a major success, or more like an obstacle  course for the track.

So, go out there and “Fill the Rock.” Hopefully, we don’t see this magic go away under a rock ever again.

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