News – NASCAR statement regarding Joe Gibbs Racing oil pans

June 18, 2011 1 Comment

NASCAR- Friday morning during opening day inspection at Michigan International Speedway, NASCAR officials determined that the oil pans from the three Joe Gibbs Racing cars – the No. 11, No. 18 and No. 20 – had not been submitted for prior approval by NASCAR. NASCAR instructed the three teams to change out these oil pans. If the teams did not change them out prior to today’s first practice session, their practice times would not be allowed. Series Director John Darby reported that all three teams had changed out their oil pans before the first practice – so their times will be allowed.
NASCAR will discuss early next week if there will be any additional penalties assessed to these three teams.

One Comments to “News – NASCAR statement regarding Joe Gibbs Racing oil pans”
  1. SharonW says:

    What’s going on with JGR? Penalties two weeks in a row for not meetin NASCAR rules and/or requirements. Seems this is NASCAR 101 and these teams should go back to school.

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