News – NASCAR Statement Regarding Richard Childress and Kyle Busch Incident

June 5, 2011 2 Comments
NASCAR Statement – June 5, 2011 

“NASCAR has reviewed the incident involving Richard Childress and Kyle Busch after the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race Saturday at Kansas Speedway.  We have met with all parties involved and have determined what happened yesterday is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by NASCAR. 

Richard Childress’s actions were not appropriate and fell far short of the standard we expect of owners in this sport. We have met with Childress this morning and made our position very clear to him. Further, we expect he will make it clear to all in his organization to ensure this situation does not escalate any further. We will announce our actions regarding this incident Monday. 

Kyle Busch remains on probation with NASCAR and we continue to watch his actions carefully. However, we have determined that Kyle’s involvement in this incident does not violate his probation and no further action is required.”

-Official Statement made by NASCAR

2 Comments to “News – NASCAR Statement Regarding Richard Childress and Kyle Busch Incident”
  1. victoria_29 says:

    yeah NASCAR KyleWimpBusch hitting another RCR car AFTER a race isn’t anything a Car Owner should get upset about. NASCAR is so phony, they let Kyle do what he wants when he wants.

    • Sharon says:

      I have to disagree Victoria. I am normally not one to defend Kyle Busch, but in this case he did nothing wrong. It is common in NASCAR for a driver to give a “lovetap” to another driver for something that wasn’t cool. This season Kyle Busch has done a great job to remain professional on the track. Case in point: when Harvick went after Kyle at the Darlington race, Kyle had two choice- take a punch or move Harvick’s car out of the way. It seems to me that Mr. Childress needs to control not only his temper but his drivers’ tempers as well; monkey see monkey do. It’s important to notethat as a result of the altercation with Harvick Kyle was also disciplined by NASCAR – he does not get to do whatever he wants.
      NASCAR owners should be held to a higher standard and set the example. NASCAR made a fair decision.

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