North Carolina- Home of NASCAR

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Most NASCAR fans would pick up their stuff and move to North Carolina without much hesitation, being that they were financially able too, something some residents of North Carolina may take for granted. One might wonder what North Carolina has to offer for those who are not NASCAR fans (don’t know why you would be reading this article if you weren’t a NASCAR fan, but keep reading…) and there are plenty of things to do!

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My top three reasons for a non-NASCAR fan to visit North Carolina:

1.) Slow Pace (Relaxation)- If you have ever been to the South, you know that we are a relaxed group of people. Unlike our constituents in other parts of the country, we don’t need to be in a hurry. According to studies, the more rushed you are, the more stressed your life becomes!

2.) Food (BBQ and Seafood)- North Carolina is known for both their BBQ and Seafood. Carolina BBQ is one of the more popular styles of BBQ (apart from Memphis, Texas, or Kansas City). Seafood is also really popular in our state, almost a staple. Calabash, NC is one of the more popular locations for great coastal seafood.

3.) Beautiful Scenery- Living in Charlotte has many perks, if you want to visit either the mountains or the coast, you can do so within a day’s trip. The mountains of North Carolina are well known, as the Appalachian Trail runs right through a segment of the state. The Outer Banks is also well known, as it has been the home of several Hollywood films.

For the NASCAR fan, there is much more to offer! Just think about it, not only do you have the same attractions the “non-NASCAR” fan uses, but you also have the attractions that appeal to your passion, stock car auto racing.

My top three reasons for NASCAR fan’s to visit North Carolina:

1.) Visiting the Race Shops- Most race teams reside in Concord, just a short distance from the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Within about a 30 minute drive, you can visit Roush Fenway Racing, Hendrick Motorsports, Joe Gibbs Racing, Stewart-Haas Racing, Michael Waltrip Racing, and many more. This is the perfect, “cheap” entertainment so many NASCAR fans are looking for.

2.) History of the Race Tracks- There are so many race tracks across North Carolina, most are within a driving distance. The most popular track is Charlotte Motor Speedway (of course), but you also have Rockingham and North Wilkesboro (both former NASCAR sanctioned tracks). Rockingham still holds races, just not NASCAR races. The ARCA series seems to have brought back that “racing” feel to a community that desperately needed it. North Wilkesboro is another historic racing venue, located within the mountains of North Carolina.

3.) Visiting the NASCAR Hall of Fame- This attraction has been one of the more popular “stops” for the average NASCAR fan. It’s conveniently located in Uptown, not to far away from Charlotte Motor Speedway. It certainly seems like more tourists visit the hall than actual residents of the area. I am personally guilty of not being able to see the Hall of Fame first hand, but plan to do so in August.

On June 21, 2011, Governor Beverly Perdue (D-NC) signed Senate Bill 322 into law, making Stock Car Auto Racing the official state sport of North Carolina (surpasses college basketball- Duke v. UNC).

Is this enough to convince you to visit North Carolina? If you are a NASCAR fan, this is a must!


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