Press Release- Kentucky Speedway Voices Traffic Concerns

July 9, 2011 4 Comments

Statement from Kentucky Speedway General Manager Mark Simendinger regarding traffic:

“We’ve had an overwhelming response to our inaugural NASCAR Sprint Cup Series “Quaker State 400.” We know we had challenges related to traffic. We’re already planning improvements and looking forward to a much better situation for next year’s event.”

Press Release
4 Comments to “Press Release- Kentucky Speedway Voices Traffic Concerns”
  1. LW says:

    Hope you do fix the problem, but we already decided we are not going back to KY motor speedway. We live in KY and were hoping to make it a yearly event. We will just take our money to another track.

    • Randy says:

      I’m glad that we didn’t make that decision based on the first year at our track. Have been to every race since it opened.

      Not everything works perfect the first time.

  2. jack comer says:

    I will NEVER, and I can’t stress or underline the word NEVER enough, attend another event at Kentucky Speedway. What’re you going to do, build another road? I think NOT. It took me over 5 hours in the car from Cincinnati to get to you. Look at the empty seats at other tracks. This will SURELY happen to YOU. This whole mess is just another example of you folks and Nascar, putting the fan experience way down on your priority list, in favor of a fat wallet. I hope you enjoyed my money. You’ve seen the last of it.

  3. Brad Barnett says:

    What about the money that ppl has paid for tickets and set in traffic for hours with there kids? And then couldn’t even get in the gates and have to see the hurt on there kids faces! I don’t see how you can have a sprint cup race held there and not already be prepared?? It’s not like it just popped up on the schedule!! It’s been in the works for a year!!!

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