Snooki To Be NASCAR Honorary Starter At Richmond International Raceway

August 25, 2011 3 Comments

Photo Credit: Associated Press

Who would have thought a Jersey Shore star would become the face of NASCAR for at least a day? I sure didn’t!

As fans will pack the stands at Richmond International Raceway next month, they will have the “delight” to welcome Jersey Shore star, “Snooki”, as their honorary race starter.

There’s not much dispute that she is a star, but is this the kind of “star” NASCAR is looking for?

Being a spokesperson for “Wonderful Pistachios”, Richmond’s September race sponsor, she seemed to be the perfect fit. My question, how will NASCAR fans react to the news come race time?

A tweet from (@RIRinsider) on Thursday morning relayed the Snooki news (it was actually correcting a rumor that Snooki would have been grand marshal- could you have imagined?). The “Wonderful Pistachios” brand is sponsoring the race (the Wonderful Pistachios 400), and Snooki is apparently a guest of the sponsor.

Snooki will receive all the “celebrity” treatment at the race, because she is a celebrity of course! She’ll be introduced to applause in the drivers meeting and will shake hands with drivers during pre-race introductions.

But is this the best that “Wonderful Pistachios” could do? Could they not have chosen a Firefighter, Police Officer, or even a US Military member? Keep in mind, that race will fall on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.

Sadly enough, Jersey Shore will be representing NYC in more ways than one.

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3 Comments to “Snooki To Be NASCAR Honorary Starter At Richmond International Raceway”
  1. SharonW says:

    This is one where I have to say shame on NASCAR. Snooki? Poster child for a train wreck life? Arrested? Has earned celebrity status for being repulsive on tv? Especially given this is the 10th year anniversary of 9/11 I really thought they would honor those firefighters and police officers who braved so much in the rescue and recovery of the victims, or families of those who lost their lives to be able to say some of the most famous words in sports. Very disappointed especially knowing the values and beliefs of many in the NASCAR industry…seriously not a good move on this one.

  2. Mark Evans says:

    This “situation” (pun intended) is the poster child for the proverbial “turd in a punchbowl!” Because that is how Snooki will look at a NASCAR event. I realize the event sponsor had an impact on the decision even though RIR is being lambasted for the choice.

    • Sharon W says:

      Sorry but Snooki looks like a turd anywhere-true the sponsor has some say so shame on both NASCAR and Wonderful Pistachios…regardless of who made the actual decision it was one of the worst possible choices that could have been made. Sponsors and NASCAR please keep fans in consideration when selecting those who get the honor of saying those famous words.

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