Statement from NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France on Kentucky Speedway

July 10, 2011 2 Comments


“While NASCAR was thrilled by the incredible response to our inaugural NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in Kentucky, we also are extremely disappointed by the traffic problems and inconveniences endured by fans who wanted to be part of our races at Kentucky Speedway. NASCAR will be in close communications with Kentucky Speedway and Speedway Motorsports Inc. to see that they work to resolve the issues. This situation cannot happen again.”

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2 Comments to “Statement from NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France on Kentucky Speedway”
  1. Al Kressler says:

    The KY Speedway has a “No Refund for Any Reason” Policy. As a Bluegrass Club Seat License owner for the last ten (10) years, who was unable to enter the parking lot, let alone the track, I expect a full refund/credit for my unused Platinum Parking Pass and Bluegrass Club Ticket.

    If such is not forth coming, I think you will see a rapid, and steep, decline in NASCAR support in the Ohio – Kentucky – Indiana region. And, you may find NASCAR a party to the lawsuits that will be filed, if full refunds are not offered by the KY Speedway.

    Mr. Smith is blaming all Saturday’s traffic problems on I-71. Not true. This track has historically had internal traffic & parking lot problems, and they’ve always come down to poor planing and execution of traffic control, and parking operations within the facility. The track management in a recent statement, says that ‘People need to “learn” where to park, and find alternative parking when the KY Speedway lots are full.” The track is in the middle of nowhere, and parking in a corn field three (3) miles, or on the Interstate berm one (1) mile away are NOT acceptable alternates ! ! ! This track needs to have enough on site parking to handle the ENTIRE anticipated attendance. Do the math: 107,000 seats, divided by (say) 3 people (average) per vehicle, equals about 35,000+ parking spaces, I don’t think the KY Speedway lots are even close to that capacity. Mr. Smith has to stop blaming everyone else for his (staffs) failures.

    • Don Hibler says:

      Al, You are spot on. If a facility has an event they are responsible for providing there customers with adequate parking facilities and some direction to the event. I do not believe it is the customers responsibility to find there way there either. True the Kentucky Police were of NO help. I did not see one law enforcement individual until I got to the turn into the State highway ( or county road ) as we turned in. I had our handicapped brother-in-law who is on oxygen and another vehicle traveling with us. Upon arival there was NO parking, no shuttle…nothing so we turned around and headed back to the Capital of motor racing Indianapolis. Never saw a lick of the race and wasted several hours and a thousand dollars. will never return to this non facility!!! Thanks for your time

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