The Bayne, Gordon Debate- Shouldn’t We Just Move On?

October 24, 2011 No Comments

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I usually try to not be vocal about certain NASCAR related issues, and try not to voice my opinion. Having said that, this latest issue of NASCAR’s version of the ‘blame game’ has gone crazy.

I’m sure most have already heard about the issue of Trevor Bayne giving the confirmation to draft with Jeff Gordon after the final restart, but instead of hooking up with Gordon, Bayne hooked up with Kenseth. In result, Gordon dropped like a lead balloon to the rear of the field, while the Kenseth/Bayne combination stayed about the middle of the pack.

After the race both drivers had their say on the incident, whether I agree with either one is not relevant. So what gives?

I have spent most of my day attending classes and debating on Twitter with those who are either mad at Bayne, mad at Gordon, mad at Ford, mad at NASCAR, or just plain mad at the two-car-tandems that are in effect which forced this issue to surface.

Let’s just say Ford did give the orders to Bayne that he would ‘have’ to draft with fellow Ford driver Kenseth. Can you honestly fault them? Seriously, what gives?

In an age where sponsorships and manufacturers run the show in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, shouldn’t they have a say in which driver should pair up with who that would propel them to the win?

This incident is more like a Quarterback telling his Wide Receiver that he is not going to throw the ball his way, because the Defensive Back on the field is a friend of his and wants to throw the ball his way.

I use this example because the most common excuse I have heard was “How could Bayne do something like that, especially with the help of his ‘idol’ during the Daytona 500?” It’s simple. It’s called racing.

Just like in any other sport, your goal is to get ahead and WIN.

In theory, we are making this issue into something it shouldn’t be, but fans are passionate about this ‘hot topic’ and this is exactly what I love to see.

NASCAR needs passion, and if it has to come from a ‘senseless’ debate, then let it. For now, I’m ready to move onto Martinsville, aren’t you?

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