The First Road Course Race is in the Books, So What’s Next?

June 26, 2011 3 Comments

Photo By: David Bolling/Index-Tribune

There is so much to analyze in a race like today, but then again it was just another typical day at Infineon Raceway. Tempers were already steaming after last week’s Michigan race, which led them to boil after today’s drama filled race. It seemed no matter what happened on the track, someone was out to get someone, which made it all that more exciting!

Payback is simply getting someone back for something you were not happy with, that lesson was learned several times today by many different drivers. Some of the drivers you expect to have short tempers (Tony Stewart, JPM, Keselowski, just to name a few), however some of the drivers that made the “short tempered” list were actually surprising. Driver’s like Michael McDowell, a driver who is as clean as it gets totally dumped veteran driver Bobby Labonte. To Michael’s defense, on twitter he tweeted “That was not intentional tried to let Bobby Labonte go by got in marbles and got loose. Very sorry for that.” Michael later went on to say, “Twitter fans are awesome but some of them should lock it up. Lol I would not wreck the nicest guy on our sport for no reason. Seriously!”

If Michael McDowell can dump Bobby Labonte, could you imagine what a driver like Juan Pablo Montoya is capable of? This is not a knock off for Montoya, but he does have a history of racing with a short temper. Kasey Kahne and Brad Keselowski were not happy with Montoya’s aggressive moves, that was evident in some of the post race commentary. When Montoya accused Kahne of not knowing how to race on a road course, Kahne fired back “”Even when their cars were good, and McMurray was the man. Montoya still couldn’t win a race. That shows what he can do in NASCAR.”

Funny thing, these were not the only two incidents we saw today. Apparently, Tony Stewart was pretty unhappy with Brian Vickers for continuing to block him, so Stewart had the bright idea to dump him. This move did not set well with the driver of the 83 machine, Vickers wanted payback, and that is what he got in the latter part of the race. Vickers sent Stewart into the wall, but to be honest, Stewart expected it. What surprised me the most were the post race comments made by Stewart when asked what would happen if anyone else continued to block him, “I don’t care if it was Ryan Newman, I would have dumped him too.”

There were even more incidents that took place today and I’m sure there were more than didn’t go noticed. This is what NASCAR wants, a race like today will add viewers, and more fans, which is crucial in an economy like the one we are faced with today.

These dramatic incidents that took place today will carry on to next week in Daytona, which either has you worried or excited about next week’s Superspeedway race. Just the question remains, “what is next for NASCAR’s most elite?” truthfully, I don’t think anyone knows!

3 Comments to “The First Road Course Race is in the Books, So What’s Next?”
  1. Gary Ginther says:

    The only problem with Stewart dumping Vickers was the fact that he did it in the middle of a group of cars. Jr. hit Vickers and took out his radiator, killing his engine. At least when Vickers got him back he did it when they were alone. I’m all for punting someone who is stupid enough to block. Just use a little common sense.I loved what Tony said about not caring who it was who blocked they were getting dumped, even if it had been Ryan Newman. This brings up an interesting scenario. Stewart dumps Newman, Newmans owner is fed up and pulls a Childress on Stewart. Becomes a made for TV movie with Jim Carrey playing the part of Stewart kicking his own butt. Hey, it’s Nascar. Could happen:)

    • Sharon says:

      Great movie scenario. In the post race interviews you get a differnt scenario from Vickers than you do from Stewart. Vickers claimed he wasnt blocking, the 18 was coming from the side, the cars in front of him were slow and he wasnt trying to avoid wrecking..I’m guessing when Stewart sees the replay he might realize he put his foot in his mouth…not to mention taking Jr out of the race. Nothing new for Tony Stewart..kind of makes me laugh he says he’s been complaining about the way guys drive all year…he has been known for dirty tactics and a temper on the track.
      Regardless, it is an exciting season, the drivers are racing hard, and it’s great to see that the 48 isnt dominating as in so many years past. Looking forward to Daytona, my guess is Jr breaks the streak!

      • 88 plus 3 still equals number 1 says:

        Here’s hoping you’re right about Jr’s streak. Good call on Stewart. Actually it’s nice to see the real Tony come out instead of the corporate spokesperson he’s been playing in interviews all year. Should be a heck of a summer.

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